Mindenhurst team achieves “outstanding” rating for Considerate Construction

The Mindenhurst team has received an outstanding rating following the most recent site inspection carried out by assessors from the nationally recognised Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

Assessment staff from the CCS attended on 6th September to review the approach being taken at the Mindenhurst construction site.

The assessors reviewed the project for three key factors:  respect for the community, care for the environment and valuing the site’s workforce.  Under all three categories the project received the maximum score of 15, providing a total score of 45 out of 45, the maximum possible score for the three areas of assessment, enough for an ‘Excellent’ rating.

In addition, two extra points were awarded for the project’s Wild Week environmental engagement with the local community and new Neurodiversity staff training.

This resulted in an overall score of 47 out of the maximum possible award of 50 points and the ‘Outstanding’ rating being achieved by the project for the first time ever.

We are pleased by this recognition following steadily improved scoring in the 6 monthly CCS assessments over recent years, increasing from a Very Good rating in 2017 and 2018 and Excellent between 2019 and 2021.

The achievement of the Outstanding score reflects the project’s longstanding commitment to place the community foremost and value its hardworking site staff. Commenting on the recent work by Mindenhurst, September’s CCS assessment report stated:

“The site continues to leave an excellent impression of the industry and aims of the scheme. The Company is to be commended on their Net Zero commitment on carbon and the project team have clearly involved the local community and encourage them to contribute and help enrich their natural environment. Impressive promotion of environmental issues has taken place with Wild Week“.

Wild Week celebrated the local environment and wildlife and included fun and informative events for all ages within the community. There were two Bat Walks lead by Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) through the local woodland using bat detectors to hear their calls. SWT also held a Wildlife Talk where they discussed the wide variety of animals living in the area. There were also multiple Minibeast Hunts for children, a Wild Photography Competition, a community Butterfly Survey, Tree Trail, and promotion of the Hedgehog Street charity.

The report also commended the in-depth study and promotion of Neurodiversity related to diversity and inclusion.  As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our workforce, our Senior Construction Manager gives regular presentations to the site operations staff, senior leadership team and the wider business on the subjects of Stress at Work and Neurodiversity.  The Construction Industry typically benefits from a high proportion of people with neurodiversities, so we have invested time in celebrating, raising awareness, reducing the stigma, and opening up the conversation on how these individuals benefit the workplace with their diverse thinking. The presentations highlight to Managers the adjustments that can be made in the workplace and the importance of adapting on-site training and instruction to recognise that not everyone is neurotypical.  We were delighted that this initiative was recognised as best practice by the Considerate Constructors Scheme in September, in addition we were awarded an ‘outstanding’ award for the first time at the Mindenhurst site.

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