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When will Mindenhurst Primary School open?

The new Mindenhurst school is complete and was handed over to Surrey County Council on 15th January 2021. SCC confirmed that they are committed to opening the primary school and are working to establish an academy trust to run the school. As a new school, they need to ensure there are enough pupils to make it viable and will therefore only open once there are a sufficient amount new residents living in the development. They explained that opening a new school too early would have a significant impact on other local schools and the council is trying to avoid this happening so that existing schools remain sustainable.

Our team will have no input into the running of the school or recruitment. This will be carried out by SCC and the operator.


Will there be a new food store?

There will be a new food store located on the former site of the Royal Logistic Corps Museum.

Conversations are currently ongoing with a potential buyer for the food store site and we will be able to formally introduce the buyer to the community in the next few months.


What is happening to the old Premier Shop?

As the project advances, the buildings on the camp are progressively being closed and disconnected, including our development office. We therefore need to find a new office for our staff outside of the area of construction and completed areas. We have been looking at different options including using the building that was formally the premier shop, which has been vacant since it closed in June. We discussed this option with the MOD and have agreed to take a short-term lease of this building to use as our temporary office during the next phase of construction.


When will work start on the Green Swathe?

The Green Swathe is the green corridor which provides connection from the Village Green to the Southern SANG, through the residential area being developed by CALA. We are currently awaiting SHBC planning approval for our Phase 1 RMA submission before we can confirm a start date.


When will work start on the new public house?

Hall & Woodhouse received planning permission to build a pub and restaurant that will be centred at the heart of the community. It will be located on the corner of Brunswick Road with lovely views looking out over the village green and pond.  Hall & Woodhouse aim to start construction this summer, with the view to opening their doors to guests in early 2022.

To read the article by Hall and Woodhouse for our Winter 2020 Newsletter please click here.


Why are mounds of earth stored on the cricket field?

The old cricket field is being used to store soil excavated from the development for potential future use. This forms part of our material reuse strategy for the project. Where possible, we plan to reuse soil as much as possible as opposed to disposing of it as waste and bringing in new soil. As an example, we reused 2250m3 of soils to construct Mindenhurst Primary School which is the equivalent of 150 tipper trucks loads.

These stockpiles have been tested and do not contain any asbestos.  Any soil excavated that does contain asbestos of any volume or description is removed from site and disposed of in line with regulations.

This area will be developed into the allotments in a later phase of the development.


Why are trees being removed?

Trees will only be removed if strictly necessary and with approval from the Local Authority. A number of trees have been removed to facilitate the development which includes housing developer parcels.

Unfortunately, it was also necessary to remove trees and vegetation to undertake remediation activities to deal with historic contamination on the site.

Long term, the development has in place a biodiversity net gain strategy which aims to retain and enhance the habitats at Mindenhurst and increase the overall biodiversity of the area. To read more about our biodiversity net gain strategy please read the article in our Autumn 2020 Newsletter.


What is happening to resolve the drainage issues?

We have carried out several temporary and permanent measures over the last 12 months to manage the surface water outfall across the project. There is further attenuation in the final scheme however, until we have planning consent, we are actively looking at increasing the temporary provision. We are hopeful we will receive approval this spring and will then start procurement and construction of the permanent Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDs).

We are in dialogue with the Environment Agency and Basingstoke Canal Authority to identify temporary and permanent measures to avoid future issues.


Why are areas of land fenced off in and around the Central SANG?

There is a small area fenced off along the south of the Central SANG (path that runs adjacent to the assault course). This is due to the presence of Japanese Knotweed which is very easily spread and is fenced off to prevent further spread. The knotweed is currently undergoing an annual chemical treatment programme.

The bank that is fenced off to the east of The Royal Way which backs onto the Bovis plot is an area that needs to be remediated and landscaped. The remediation works here cannot be completed without planning permission.  The application for this planning permission has been submitted and we are hopeful it will be granted in March, we will mobilise as soon as it is.

To the East of the Central SANG (behind Portesbery School) work is still in progress. Remediation of this area was completed last year and the area is safe.  However it still requires landscaping which is subject to SHBC granting planning permission. This application has been submitted and as soon as it is granted we will mobilise to complete the works. The green fencing to the back of Portesbery School denotes the ownership boundary between the MOD Training Ground and the land the council will adopt when works are completed.

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