Introducing the Bat HQ

We are pleased to announce that the Mindenhurst Bat Barn now has a name!
Thank you to everyone who answered our call for ideas, we received some fantastic suggestions! Pupils at Lakeside Primary School chose their favourite name from the suggestions, and we are proud to announce the chosen name is ‘Bat HQ’!
Bat HQ was built to provide a new habitat for the Brown Long-eared, Common Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle bats, providing them with a safe and secure place to roost and raise their young.

The design of the Bat HQ was developed in coordination with Surrey Wildlife Trusts Ecologists so that the size, proportions, and orientation could all be appropriate for the bats. The barn is located within an ANGST and is surrounded by woodland, located close to the original roosting site where the bats forage. It was designed to produce minimal waste during its construction, and this is why it was chosen to be manufactured off-site, then pieced together and tiled on-site.

These structures benefit our ecosystem by supporting these nocturnal creatures, which play a crucial role in natural pest control and pollination.

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