Construction Update - October 2021

Please find below the latest construction update.

Construction Update - October 2021

1 – Continuing with trenching works on Blackdown Road for installation of services to the new substation. This will also involve some vegetation clearance to allow for excavation of the full width of the private access road.

2 Continuing with landscape maintenance across the site, including grass cutting, de-weeding, planting and vegetation clearance.

3 – Commencement of repair works to the railway bridge located on Deepcut Bridge Road. This will include a width restriction for four weeks from Wednesday 13th October 2021 and a full road closure on Tuesday 16th November 2021.

4 – Commencement of vegetation clearance and remediation works to the Bovis Bank, which is located just South of the Bovis housing site on Royal Way. These works will be access via the Bovis plot and will not cause additional traffic to Mindenhurst Road or Royal Way.

5 – Soft landscaping works will commence to the LAP area. This is located on the east side of the Bovis welfare facilities and will involve the use of heavy plant and delivery vehicles, which will deliver seed and plants. We do not anticipate this will cause any additional traffic issues in the area

6 – Continuing with works in the Green Swathe (located between the Cala land parcels), which will involve importation of ground and soft landscaping works. Works will be accessed via the Frimley Lock cycle path and Brunswick Road if required.

7 – Environmental works will be continuing across the site, including bat surveys, closing redundant badger setts, and relocating reptiles from our construction sites. We are also installing new bat roosts to assist in migrating bats from buildings listed for demolition.

Construction Update - October 2021

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