Construction Update - February 2022

Please find below the latest construction update.

Construction Update - January 2022

1 – Pathway works and installation of fencing will be ongoing on the Eastern area and play area. This will conclude the works in this area of the Central SANGS.

2 Soft landscaping in the form of planting will commence on the Bovis Bank following the remediation works. This is expected to last around 4 weeks.

3 – Works will commence on the Western area (located at the top of the Royal Way). These works will be soft landscaping including clearance of weeds, seeding and planting.

4 – Drainage works will be completed to the south boundary of the Bovis A3 parcel and the bellmouth entrance into the museum. These works will involve excavating the road in some instances and will require us to shut off the top of the Royal Way. This should not affect access down to the Central SANGS hut for those who use that road.

5 – Works will be completed on the new entrance to parcel M2 which will complete the permanent works in this location. This will involve one Saturday of tarmacking works. Notice will be given to residents in advance.

6 Additional works will be commencing on Mindenhurst Road, including the installation of fencing and granite paving to demarcate the Surrey County Council highway boundary. This should not affect residential traffic as works will take place away from the main road. Some footpaths may be diverted during this time.

7 – Works to hard and soft landscaping will continue on the Green Swathe throughout February. This includes installation of footpaths, planting and seeding.

8 – The new substation housing will be installed to Substation 14 which is located on Blackdown Road. This will include the use of a vehicle mounted crane which may block one lane of the highway for no longer than an hour. These works will be coordinated with a vehicle marshal to ensure the safety of residents. Cabling works will also be taking place during this time which will allow us to start backfilling the trench in this location.

9 – Refurbishment works will start on St. Barbara’s Church which will include the removal of a tree to the south of the church. This is being carried out with approval by the
Council and is required as the root system is at risk of undermining the church.

10 – Soft landscaping maintenance works will be continuing to the Village Green and Central SANGS.

11 – The Royal Way will be closed, just after the SANGS Hut, from Monday 14th February. This is a permanent closure required for future housing in the area beyond.

Construction Update - February 2022

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