Wild Week: Help The Hedgehogs

The British hedgehog is  classified as vulnerable to extinction however there are many ways that we can help and keep them a common and familiar part of British life.

The following suggestions are from ‘Hedgehog Street’ which is a fantastic charity and has loads of advice and resources: www.hedgehogstreet.org/get-involved.

Garden for Hedgehogs

Wildlife features like log piles, leaf piles, compost heaps and an undisturbed ‘wild patch’ will provide shelter and insect food for hedgehogs.

Let them in!

Give hedgehogs access to your garden with 13cm x 13cm square Hedgehog Highways in or under your fence, and encourage neighbours to do the same.

Make your Garden Safe

Remove hazards like litter, netting and chemicals, and check thoroughly before strimming and mowing. Ensure ponds have a sloped side or escape ramp for any hedgehogs that fall in.

Bed and Breakfast

Hedgehog houses can be bought online or built with our instructions. Supplementary food is also a great way to help – meaty cat or dog food and a shallow dish of water!

Log your sighting

If you are lucky enough to spot a hedgehog in the area, make sure that you log the sighting on the BIG Hedgehog Map.

This map helps to build a picture of hedgehog numbers and locations around the country.



Hedgehog Homes in the Central SANG

We have had a go at building hedgehog houses ourselves and have placed them in the Central SANG.

The basic design enables hedgehogs to enter and exit the box, but prevents larger mammals, such as cats, foxes and badgers from getting in.

Hopefully these will provide a safe home for them to sleep, hibernate, and nest throughout the year.

Hedgehog House Instructions







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